About us

Abdelli is a village that dated back to several hundreds of years. For centuries the area was living peaceful surrounded by rich land and agriculture. In 1916, the village suffered under the ottoman war. As a result, the old village fell into disrepair and the terraces were rebuilt by generations of human labour.

Located at the top of a hill in the Caza of Batroun, Abdelli Terraces managed to restore its authentic land and preserve the village’s legacy by opening its doors to guests around the world to experience a unique picturesque village with a Mediterranean Sea view, all under the spirit of retreating.

Abdelli terraces is a guest house and restaurant that stands out for its holistic perspective. While staying at the "terraces," the owners, Najla & Nabil, organized activities to promote the well being of the body and mind all in one place.

Najla is a psychologist with years of experience in the United States and Vietnam as a life coach and yoga therapist. She also has a passion for organic cooking and sharing ingredients that aid in therapeutic qualities with her guests.

Neurosurgeon Nabil recently retired after devoting himself for over 40 years of medical and academic practice and research on debate of ideas. He taught philosophy at the faculty of medicine and wrote his thesis on evolutionary thought.

Over time, Nabil discovered that more than half of his chronic back pain patients suffered from existential malaise which is more than a physical disease. At his request, a stress management centre was established at the hospital with founder Najla, resulting in positive results amongst patients. The idea of hosting a holistic retreat in an environment of nature, serenity, and beauty outside the hospital environment came to life through Abdelli Terraces’s certified professionals.

Today, you will be able to enjoy the spectacular view, the local cuisine, and the activities around the estate or in the surrounding areas. A majority of the staff employed for the operation of the estate is made up of young students from neighboring villages. Village housewives were trained to hone their already impressive culinary skills.

You are invited to live differently by disconnecting from the chaotic everyday life, seeking meaning in your existence. This is the goal that the doctor and the life coach set for themselves.